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June 26, 2021

How Hackers Hack Phone Using SMS

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Automated Tools

How To Track Someone Location Using Seeker Tool

Tracking the exact locations of people is a daunting task with all the fake apps and methods you find on the internet specifically named “location tracker” and so. Well in this post we will show you a social engineering method

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top 10 operating systems for hackers
Automated Tools

Top 10 Operating Systems for Hackers

Hacker’s requirement for a computer is very different from that of others. To run heavy programs, software, and hacker tools they obviously need good hardware like GPU, CPU, ram, etc. However, the Operating System is also a requirement for hackers

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Automated Tools

Hacking With Shodan (How to use Shodan Guide)

Today we are reviewing shodan also know as the hacker’s search engine. We will see what shodan is and how to use shodan. We will also explore some advanced features of shodan. Everything related to shodan search filters and shodan

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Password Cracking Tools

How to sniff passwords with net creds

If you have not heard of net creds, then do not worry. It is not a mysterious hacking tool.  It is just a Python-based sniffing tool which is ideal for sniffing plaintext passwords and password hashes from a network. If

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How to exploit routers with Routersploit

In this hacking tutorial, we will learn how to use the most popular hacking tool for hacking routers RouterSploit, a router hacking tool for automating the process of router exploitation. This tool is modeled upon Metasploit. You will find many

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How To Hack Using QR Codes

QR codes are used everywhere in the world. From product packaging to airline boarding passes from government documents to mobile phones. In the modern world QR codes have become the bread and butter. But are they as safe as everyone

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Automated Tools

How to Hack Facebook with Bruteforce Attack

If you wanted to learn how to hack facebook using Bruteforce attack, then you have come to the right place. The following article describes the method and tools used to hack facebook with Kali Linux and Bruteforce Though I have

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