Java and the Enterprise World

Description: BA 2139 from 6-8 pm.
Food will be provided. Everyone is welcome!

This 2-hour workshop will go through the uses of Java in industry with examples and case studies of it's applications, followed by a in-depth demonstration of putting together Java EE components and getting a web service up and running.

Alexei Zenin is currently a 3rd year computer engineering student at the University of Toronto. He has held software developer positions at The Centre for Automation of Medicine headed by Professor Jonathan Rose and at Pragmatic Way Inc. These positions exposed him to the mental health industry by developing mobile apps to help people quit smoking and manage their chronic tic disorders (CTDs). Alexei has also expanded into the digital marketing space at Client Spectrum, where he leveraged enterprise level software to integrate with IBM products. His current research focus is in software architecture and backend systems.

Date: 2017-03-09

Start Time: 06:00 pm EST

Finish Time: 08:00 pm EST