Build and deploy your own online resume website

Description: Build and deploy your own online portfolio

Our first event of the year will be to set up your own website. It will serve as a medium to communicate your projects and accomplishments to prospective employers. 

Difficulty: Beginner! No prerequisite knowledge is required, everything will start from the fundamentals of front-end development. 

Details: You will code your portfolio using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, save and deploy it through GitHub, and setup a custom domain name. You will learn how to setup key features of your website, how to make your website mobile responsive, and how to avoid common mistakes made by beginners. At the end you will walk out with a fully functional website that you can edit on your own! 

Where: WB130 from 6-8 pm next Thursday

How do I join:
We are experimenting with EventBrite, as there may not be enough space for everyone. If you are waitlisted, come anyways as there may be extra space. 

Date: 2016-09-29

Start Time: 06:00 pm EST

Finish Time: 08:00 pm EST