NETtalk #4 - Wait I have users?!?! A beginner's guide to scaling

Description: Adam Hueniken, one of Hacker Academy's past executives will be speaking.


Maybe you've made an app at a hackathon, in a school class , as a fun side project. You got your feet wet, and then all of a sudden some people are using it. Celebrate! You have users. But then you're at 1000 RPM , and your app goes down on a Friday night and you need to scale. What's next?

This talk will explore scaling from an immediately usable, beginner's perspective. We won't dive into super advanced algorithms that take months to build and can work for millions of users, but will instead focus on what you can do to your site right now, to handle 1000s of Requests Per Minute. The talk will focus on Rails, Heroku, Redis and PostgreSQL but I'll definitely be generalizing the lesson as best I can.

Why am I talking about this? Since graduating from U of T I joined the Next 36 program and started Revlo (an engagement platform for Twitch streamers). Since launching in May we've grown it from 1 user to over 37,000 weekly active users, and peak loads of over 15,000 requests per minute. I had never scaled anything before, and made a number of mistakes. Hopefully, I can help you avoid some of these in the future.

Date: 2015-11-03

Start Time: 08:00 pm EST

Finish Time: 09:00 pm EST