NETtalk #2 - Steve Mann

Description: "Phenomenal Augmented Reality from 1974 to present-day and future", by UofT professor Steve Mann.

Location: BA2155

"Inventrepreneurship GENIUSchool for Alphas seeks polymath makerhackers before September 22nd to join our team and present to your group September 29th.

We're a small group of modern-day "Leonardo da Vinci" kind of "makers" seeking one or two kindred spirits from among you == people good at making, hacking, modifying, and programming things, who also love science, philosophy, art, engineering, and inventorship, and can put all of these interests and skills together.

We'll be presenting at Hacker Academy, September 29th, but we want one or two of you to join us in that presentation to the rest of you, and possibly continue collaborating with us.

The kind of person (or persons) we're looking for is someone who can make things and modify things and program things, just like we do.

Did you build things in your childhood, i.e. not just because you had to build something for a university course or lab, but something you built on your own to satisfy your own passion rather than the sense of duty that university gives us?  Here's an example of something I built when I was 12 years old, back in the early 1970s,

Are you moved by any of these papers, and do you think you might have something to add?

Here is a paper we're writing right now that is due this Friday (actually just past as of sending this newsletter),

Might this inspire you to think and create and make something that "speaks" to this theme?

Can you build a video amplifier that makes video feedback to make some pictures like these:

If yes, come join us and show us the pictures!

We're looking to grow GENIUSchool with new Alphas to join our ranks.

[email protected] "

Date: 2015-09-29

Start Time: 08:00 pm EST

Finish Time: 09:00 pm EST