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June 26, 2021

How To Hack Google Dinosaur Game

February 16, 2021

Metasploit Commands Cheatsheet

March 9, 2021

How To Hack Facebook with Anomor

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How To Hack Windows Password with LockPhish

Hacking windows passwords is one of the easiest things to do. We have previously shown how to hack a Windows password when you have physical access to the device. With this method, you can hack windows passwords remotely. Well, today

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Automated Tools

Hacking With Shodan (How to use Shodan Guide)

Today we are reviewing shodan also know as the hacker’s search engine. We will see what shodan is and how to use shodan. We will also explore some advanced features of shodan. Everything related to shodan search filters and shodan

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hacking windows with fatrat
Automated Tools

15 Wifi Hacking Tools to Hack WiFi connection Easily

In today’s world, the Internet is the biggest resource for any person or organization. Access to good and speedy Internet through a WiFi connection or broadband or some other source is considered highly essential for our day-to-day life. With an

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apps to root android
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How to change IMEI Number (Root method)

Changing IMEI numbers for android devices is a tricky business for those who are new to the game. Many times unless you have rooted your phone you probably won’t be able to change the IMEI number for your device. Still,

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top 10 skills every hackers must learn

Top 10 Skills Every Hacker Must Learn

A white-hat hacker has an interesting way to explore the security field. We have seen many movies illustrating a hacker as smart, efficient, and quick enough to breach the security of big organizations. Well, it might be easy to portray

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Top 10 Hacking Movies of All Time

Have you watched the best hacking movies of All-time? Well, you might have watched a few movies based on hacking where a good hacker turns bad and try to collapse the infrastructure. Then the main lead of the film stops

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How to Bypass Antivirus with APKBLEACH

Bypassing antivirus on android is one of the most difficult tasks. Well, at least it used to be until we got tools like apk bleach. Now there is yet another tool called APKWASH which can hide malicious apps from getting

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