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Welcome to Hacker Academy!

We're a group of students who are passionate about tech and software. We live by the hacker culture, which is all about promoting and practicing cleverness and creativity, having an inquisitive attitude, sharing knowledge, and hands-on learning.

What We Offer

NETtalks - Weekly talks on cool topics, new developments, and ways that technology affects our lives.

Tech tutorials - Workshops to help improve your web development, and build projects to show employers.

Programming Competitions - Chances to crack your knuckles and rock some programming problems.

Hackathon - 24 hours+ of code-y goodness.

Website Features

Event Schedule - An easy-to-read calendar so that you can stay informed about our events.

Achievements - For attending events and doing some other awesome stuff. You manage your own achievements, when you've earned them.

User Profiles - Customize your profile with a gravatar and your own blurb.

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